Demo 2013

by Heretic

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In my mind's abyss I fall deeper.
Into loneliness I keep on sinking.
Hear my darkness scream.
Feel my sickness spread.
All absence of existence has been ignored.
Dead silence I've grown to know.
All is quiet but the void bleeds through.
This is comforting love, I do not see.
Consumed in rage.
I choose to weep.
I'm alone.
All is quiet.
The void bleeds through.


Blurred vision.
Can't make my way out of solitude.
Isolation makes me question myself.
Have my sanity swallow me whole.
And blur my vision.
As my mind unravels.
I come to realize.
That does portrait paints itself before me.
So I may see.
The true demon lies inside my mind.
Keeps breaking out to show its colors.
Made a prison for my consciousness within my mind.


Breathe in life then exhale your soul.
I once was your flesh and blood.
Now a tool to rip flesh from bone.
Nothing more but a mental weight.
That you're carrying on your shoulders.
Cold stares and broken bonds.
All emotions freeze.
As time drags on.
In the eye of ruthlessness.
Your sanity is no more.


Crying out from their suffering.
As they feel no pain.
Using only numbness.
What agony portrayed.
As the value of skin drops.
We never intended.
All this to be done right from the devil's throne.
Casting out a painted portrait of a man going straight to hell.
Like the father's before us, creators.
Society made for the dead.
We'll all drown in shame.


Claw your way to the top of the food chain.
Repercussions for your actions.
You pushed humanity to it's downfall.
We're all to blame.
For our moral decay.
No exit and no escape.
For you fall deeper into your sleep.
For you sink faster into your lies.
I've bared witness to Americas dreams.
You build your lies on the land of the weak.
You sink your teeth into your prey while they sleep.
You put society in its darkest of days.
No exit moral decay.
One day you'll see the struggles of humanity.
Fear of what the future holds in the hands of society.


released January 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Heretic Dallas, Texas

Metal from Dallas, Texas.

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